NP Continuing Education

Nurse Practitioner Continuing Education (CE)

As a practicing NP, continuing education is necessary to ensure delivery of current evidence-based practice and is also needed to maintain certification.  Some states also have continuing education requirements for maintenance of licensure. Go to to read NAPNAP’s Position Statement on Continuing Education. There are many resources to obtain necessary ongoing continuing education. Listed below are some continuing education opportunities for NPs.

1. PNPSourCESM: This resource is offered by NAPNAP and provides NP continuing education resources on a variety of topics for NPs and other health care professionals.  Offerings that include pharmacology content are designated with an Rx.  For a listing of current offerings, visit

2. National Conference: NAPNAP and many other professional organizations offer annual conferences as a way to gain exposure to current practices, network with colleagues, learn about the latest products/devices from industry, and to secure many continuing education hours in a short period of time. Visit for more information about the annual conference.

3. Journal CE: Many professional journals provide opportunities for continuing education linked to published articles in their journals. Some are offered complimentary and others require a nominal fee. These often provide 1 contact hour of education, and are available to supplement other continuing education acquisitions or can be used to acquire continuing education in smaller parcels. NAPNAP’s professional journal, Journal of Pediatric Health Care (JPHC), offers CE three times per year. Go to for more information.

4. Online CE: NAPNAP’s PNPSourCE has excellent opportunities for continuing education. More information can be found at  Additional offerings can be found at NP Central. Visit for more information.

5. NAPNAP local chapter: Membership in the local NAPNAP chapter is an excellent way to obtain continuing education. Most chapters offer some continuing education opportunities throughout the year included as a chapter membership benefit.  Many local NAPNAP chapters also offer an annual conference which can provide for a more concentrated opportunity for obtaining continuing education.

Visit the chapters page on the national website for more information:

6. Unit/Hospital-based CE: Take advantage of local continuing educational offerings such as hospital-based grand rounds, unit-based lectures, and organizational offerings. These opportunities are often complimentary and offered on an ongoing basis.