PNP Application Forms

Tips for Completing Application Forms

Many employers, especially those in large organizations, require candidates to complete an application online.  If the application is hand written, fill out the application with neat handwriting and be accurate in completing the application. Remember that false information on an employment application is grounds for termination.  Most PNP applications ask for the following:

  • Position applied for: Employers want to know if you have the skills, experience, or training to do the job for which you are applying.
  • Wages/Salary: Do your previous wages or experience justify the salary you expect to make?  If you can, leave this blank; try n/a.  Then when you interview, if they ask you for your salary requirements, ask them to give the ranges they are willing to pay.  That will give you a place to start negotiations.
  • Employment History: Be prepared to talk about any employment gaps, job-hopping, layoffs, firings, or extremely short periods of employment.

Tips for handling some common items found on a PNP application include:

  • Salary requirements: It is okay to write n/a or negotiable. If you are required to provide figures, it is better to provide a range to keep your negotiating options available. While you will want to have the figures for your salary history handy, try to defer discussion of salary issues to the interview if you can.
  • Reason for leaving a job: Say something positive like “Seeking opportunity for growth.” You will want to intentionally avoid saying you left for negative reasons; if you were laid off or your job was terminated, don’t be afraid to say so.
  • Names of managers and supervisors: If you are able to identify more than one person, pick those who would likely say favorable things about you. Again, it helps to write down their contact information beforehand so you have it to reference as you complete the application.  Always check with your references before putting their names down.

Make sure you have a copy of your resume handy as you complete an application. Most applications ask for detailed information and trying to remember names, dates, and salaries etc. without a little help can be nerve-wracking.