PNP Collaborative Practice Agreements – CPA

A written collaborative practice agreement (CPA) delineates the NP’s scope of practice, level of physician collaboration, and location of clinical practice area. Some states require this documentation from all advanced practice nurses (APRNs), including PNPs. If required, the document is agreed upon and signed by both the PNP and physician. In some states, an original copy must be submitted to the board of nursing. This document, if required by the state, is also required for securing hospital based credentialing and privileging.

Some states provide detailed specifications on what information is to be included in the agreement. It is best to visit the state board of nursing website to ensure mandatory language is included in the document. It is important to realize that because the wording in these agreements may be based upon requirements in a particular state or facility, it may in fact be inappropriate (or not the best choice) for other locations or situations. Here is a sample of an Inpatient NP Collaborative Agreement  and here is a sample NP Collaborative Practice Agreement used in New York.   
Because there is such state-to-state variability regarding CPA requirements, the main components that tend to be consistent throughout are:

  • General Identification: Your name, address, phone number, education, certification and licensure information
  • Collaborating physician(s): Name, address, phone number, license number, board certification number, signature
  • Practice setting: Patient population, practice location, practice setting(s), job description with common diagnoses treated, type of drugs prescribed and any corresponding identification numbers, diagnostic tests ordered and procedures performed
  • Collaborating healthcare provider(s): Types of referrals typically made, plan to escalate care, other NPs in practice setting