PNP Cover Letters

Tips for Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Cover Letters

Whenever you forward a resume to a colleague or referral within your network, you should include a cover letter.  Cover letters highlight your strengths, (i.e. you can match your abilities to perform the work requirements listed in an ad), while pointing to the resume for more details.  PNP cover letters should be approximately three paragraphs and should follow this format:

  • First Paragraph: Grab attention. Briefly state how you can resolve the employer’s dilemma–filling his or her open position. Create an attention-getting opening based on what you read in an ad or by mentioning a referral source.
  • Second Paragraph: Create Interest. Mention your job objective and connect your key qualifications and experiences with the requirements of the position available.
  • Third Paragraph: Close the “sale.” Establish a contact time when you will follow up with a phone call to arrange an interview.

Having a well-written PNP cover letter that you modify and personalize to suit any position will save you time. Save your cover letter on your computer to allow you to customize or update it any time.

Here are some suggestions for writing cover letters:

  • It is more effective to address your cover letter to a person. Make sure you spell the person’s name correctly and use his or her title. A phone call can ensure you have this information.
  • Avoid starting sentences with a personal pronoun.
  • Refer to an organization or facility as it rather than they. A business entity is a singular subject requiring a singular verb.
  • Write in active voice. Action verbs persuade.
  • Proofread for grammar errors, such as subject and verb agreement, improper punctuation, etc.
  • Write in a direct manner. Avoid using wordy expressions or clichés (e.g., I am a highly motivated individual who enjoys working with people).
  • Do not be afraid to suggest contributions you can make, such as establishing a Parent Education Program or organizing staff in-services.
  • Keep the letter to one page, using three or four paragraphs.
  • Project confidence – avoid phrases such as I hope you find and I think I would make.
  • Print your letter and then proofread it. Relying on your word processor’s spell-check alone can lead to mistakes.
  • Many times you will submit an electronic resume, but when you are invited to an on-site interview, print with quality paper, white or cream colored, for your letter (cover letter and resume should be printed on the same paper in the same font).

Always keep a list of employers to whom you send resumes and the dates that you sent them. Keep notes to track replies and follow-up activities.

Here is a sample PNP cover letter