PNP Education Opportunities

Continuing Education

Pursue professional development and increase your PNP employment options through educational opportunities such as a doctorate, Post-master’s degree, or other credential.

Consider the following questions:

1. Do you want to go back to school or develop new skills while you’re working?  If so, one of your PNP job search objectives could be to find an employer who supports education benefits.  Working at a university hospital with tuition reimbursement benefits, locating near an academic institution, and utilizing online options are all factors to consider.

2. Can you afford to attend a full-time education program?  Financial assistance may be available through industry and government-sponsored programs, grants, scholarships, and loans. Talk to professionals at academic institutions who are versed in these issues, such as guidance counselors and academic advisers.

3. Use your current continuing education (CE) benefits, consider negotiating for CEs in your current role, or when searching for a new PNP opportunity, utilize CEs being offered as a point of negotiation.