PNP Job Search Activities

Organizing Your PNP Job Search

To maintain your momentum, establish daily and weekly goals. This will help you keep your job campaign focused. Here are some suggested weekly activities:

  • Based on your road map, use the Job Source Lead list on this site or contact NAPNAP’s Career Connection or Melnic Consulting Group’s PNP Jobs webpage to find opportunities that match your criteria.
  • Identify people in your network that have a relationship with the jobs you have identified, set a time to talk with them, and ask them if they have information on the job, work environment, culture, and links to contacts.
  • Track your network leads and contacts in your tracking tool.
  • Establish a realistic list of search activities for the week.
  • Review and document your activities.
  • Review the previous week’s calendar for follow-up activities for the new week.
  • Don’t forget to keep track of any PNP job search expenses. Doing this weekly may save you time and effort at tax time.