PNP Job Telephone Interview Tips

Successful Telephone Interview Tips

Employer’s Purpose: To find out as much information about you as possible over the telephone to decide if you should be invited in for a face-to-face PNP job interview.

Your Purpose: To be invited in for a face-to-face interview. Your strategy is to allow the interviewer to direct the conversation. They may want you to provide facts that support your resume, with some context about your performance directed by questions from the interviewer. Make every effort to sound professional, confident, personable, and be concise with your answers.  Listen carefully, give brief, thoughtful responses. Your enthusiasm, energy, experience, and communication skills are important to convey.

When you receive that telephone call, it is your first opportunity to make a good impression. Here are some DOs and DON’Ts:

  • DO make sure the door is closed and you are in a quiet room. Minimize interruptions; ask them to wait a minute if you need to.
  • DO your research on the hospital, department and people.
  • DO have your materials ready – i.e., resume, list of questions, and blank paper for notes.
  • DO pick up the phone: “Thank you for calling Ms. Jones. I’m pleased you called.” Then be silent.
  • DO let the caller do most of the talking.
  • DO answer any questions with examples to build on the information in your resume. Be brief and to the point.
  • DO try to avoid “yes” and “no” answers.
  • DO speak directly into the phone and practice with a friend, so you are prepared.
  • DO smile – it comes through in your voice.
  • DO confirm the caller’s name, the job you are discussing and the company. Get the caller’s telephone number and tell her/him you will call back if the call is lost.
  • DO be aware that the caller can’t see you and can’t see your hand gestures.
  • DO pace the call. Let the caller do most of the talking, without interruptions.
  • DO use the technique of repeating or re-phrasing questions. It tells the caller that you listened carefully, and gives you time to think about your answer.
  • DO take time to think if you need it and say so.
  • DO remember you can ask all your questions when you do the in-person interview.
  • DON’T drink, eat or chew gum while on the telephone or use “You know” or “ummm”.
  • DON’T ask about salary or benefits; save that for in person interview. Compensation does not usually come up in the telephone interview. If asked for your salary requirements, tell them you do not know; let them tell you the salary range.
  • DON’T be over-familiar with the caller. Use Mr. or Ms. unless you are invited to use the interviewer’s first name.


Express your interest in the PNP job, the people and the company. Say you would appreciate the opportunity to meet in person, to get to know the culture and to be able to match your skills with their needs – in person.