PNP Job Video Interview Tips

Using Video to Interview


How to Prepare

  • Download technology and establish an account using a professional user name.
  • Practice logging on to your account and become familiar with technology prior to interview.
  • Recruit friends/family to have a practice call to become more comfortable using Skype.
  • The morning of the interview make sure the camera and microphone are working correctly.
  • Use the picture-in-picture feature so that you know how you look to the PNP job interviewer.


Setting the Environment

  • Think about how your webcam is set up and what background images are in the picture.  Consider using a blank wall or professional art instead of a cluttered bookcase or crooked photos.
  • Make sure the table is clean and neat.
  • Pick lighting that doesn’t create shadows or throw too harsh a look into your screen.
  • The microphone picks up all the noise in a room so don’t shuffle papers or tap a pen.
  • Pick colors and patterns to wear that are camera friendly.  Many blues look good while reds and pinks can be too bright on camera.  Small patterns can distract so consider solids to prevent distracting the interviewer.
  • The interviewer can see you so take time to do your hair and make-up prior to the interview.

The Interview

  • Make eye contact and smile during the call.
  • The PNP job interview process will be the same as an in-person interview. The questions will be the same as an in-person interview.
  • Be prepared to ask questions and make notes ahead of time about things you would like to discuss in an interview.
  • It is fine to have paper to take notes during the interview.
  • Be yourself.  This process helps determine if you are right for the job and if the job is right for you.


From Jamie Sorcher, Resident Tech Expert for Skype.