Out of Town PNP Jobs

Seeking Out of Town PNP Job Opportunities

Your ideal PNP job might be in another city or state. If you plan to look outside your home area for PNP jobs, the following suggestions might help:

  • Seek interviews by using personal contacts, out-of-town newspapers websites, Internet searches and national nursing organizations (such as NAPNAP) to generate leads.
  • Visit the places where you would consider relocating. This will enable you to research the opportunities available, acquaint yourself with the area, and expand your network contacts.
  • Use the Internet to find “Salary Converters”  and city information:




There are a host of considerations in relocating. What are the Board of Nursing credentialing requirements? Is there a difference in the cost of living in this new town?

These and many other resources are found on the Internet:



See the Get to Know Your State Board of Nursing’s Rules and Regulations section to begin your scope of practice search for each state.

Every area is unique, and you will have to consider if it is right for you. Make sure to ask potential employers about relocation allowances or reimbursement.