The PNP Opportunity

Opportunities as Key Providers in Health Care Reform

Like PNPs, NPs are providers of health care in a variety of settings. Many studies have confirmed nurse practitioners deliver high quality, cost effective care. The 2010 Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health report by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) advocates for the use of NPs to the full extent of their scope of practice to eliminate barriers to health care access. With recent restriction of physician-in-training work hours, NPs are strategically positioned to fill the gap and assume responsibility as health care providers for patients in teaching hospitals.

Identifying key issues related to the profession and understanding general business and health care policy trends positions you to be able to make informed career decisions. It is essential to understand the role of the nurse practitioner, scope of practice, and market size and demand for the role.  One consideration is the increasing need for NPs and PNPs with the entry of millions of patients into the health care system as a result of health care reform. As providers, it is important to understand that health care issues will impact your profession and practice opportunities. Being informed allows you to understand the potential challenges you will need to overcome or opportunities to pursue in your role as an NP or PNP.

According to Gallup Poll, nurses have been consistently ranked one of the most trusted professions (Gallup, 2010). The public values the nursing profession and trusts them implicitly.  Nurse practitioners are considered providers of safe, effective, quality care.  In collaboration with physicians and other providers, NPs work in teams to provide care to patients.  As you continue your career as a PNP, we will offer you information regarding the job market and factors that influence your profession.

Where do you work?

Regardless of why you are looking for a job or a new position, you will want to thoroughly explore your options prior to beginning a search.  Whether you are looking for a new job within your current hospital or clinic or considering relocation to another state, as a nurse practitioner you have a variety of settings to consider for your next job opportunity. Pediatric nurse practitioners are utilized in primary care practices, community or children’s hospitals, schools, specialty clinics, academic institutions, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), industry, or as consultants in the legal and computer fields. Of course, the skills acquired as a PNP can also be applied to a number of other fields. Abilities to problem-solve, provide anticipatory guidance, and teach are transferable to a variety of other types of positions.



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