PNP Resume Challenges

Prepare Yourself for Resume Questions

You may need to consider how you will address any perceived weaknesses in your career history on your PNP resume. These are career situations, either past or present that employers may question in evaluating your suitability for employment.  Common examples include:

  • Too many positions during your career
  • Noticeable employment gaps
  • Over-specialization in a narrow discipline
  • Inexperience
  • Over experienced or over qualified


Anticipate any situation that could be perceived as a weakness or as a reason why you might not be hired. Develop answers to potential questions about these situations that demonstrate what you learned from the experience, without blaming others for your job loss—even if you’re convinced that’s the case. You should also establish a list of accomplishments or experiences that may offset any weaknesses.  Plan to use this information during your interviews to answer tough questions.

It can be hard to articulate your skills and accomplishments.  If you try to view your skills, qualifications, and accomplishments as what you did instead of how you did it, you can write about what you did to achieve your objectives, manage change, overcome challenges, or to have an impact on something you cared about. Then it is easier to tell your career development story with the goal of clearly guiding your reader through your PNP resume to lead them to a decision to set up an interview.