PNP Job Interview – PNP Salary

 Tips for handling PNP salary questions

  • Know how much you need to earn for the standard of living you desire and keep cost of living differences in mind.
  • Salary should not be discussed until the end of the interview. It is best to let the interviewer bring up this subject. If you do ask, make sure you are asking the right person this question. Some physicians or supervisors may not have this information. It may need to be directed to the director of professional practice or human resources personnel.
  • Keep in mind that the interviewer’s job is to try and save the organization money, while your job is to try and get the highest offer you can. In most cases, there will be room for negotiation once an offer is extended.

When asked for desired salary, communicate that you are not very familiar with salaries in the area and you would like to know the range that the employer is considering.

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Notice that we published the PNP salary question last. It is a delicate balance in determining the right time for a salary discussion. Prior to the above conditions being met, it is too early to talk about salary. After you accept an employment offer, it is too late. A prepared candidate will ensure that a real salary discussion takes place at the appropriate time. Typically, this will be near the end of the interview.